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Cardamom, Tonka, & White Oud UNISEX 100 ML Pairfum London

Cardamom, Tonka, & White Oud UNISEX 100 ML Pairfum London

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This fragrance is a wonderful interplay between 'deliciously sweet' and 'rich elegance'. The accord works with both aspects of oolong tea, the fruity notes found in one variety and the smokey nuances in the other. The fruity elements combine with cherry in the top note and the smokey character interlaces with rich roses & liquorice to create a beautiful duopoly. This fragrance creates the sensation of the gentlest of a summers days woven with a ripe delicate blend of warm sunshine and sun-kissed fruit, the sultry depth of charcoal black cherries, fresh bergamot, mellow almonds and soft gentle roses with sultry notes of liquorice and smoked black tea. In the liquid is visible the reflection of the perfume bottle and the feeling is sexy, cool and mysterious. Fragrance description: this noble, fragrance opens with the sensuously playful and sparkling aromas of black cherry, bergamot, ruby red berries and nutty almond. 

Nice freeze pop scent in this fragrance. 

Made in United Kingdom

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